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Author: John Sebastian

Making Flash Website Easily Without Adobe Flash

Making a full Flash Website is not an easy task. Let alone for someone who never done any web design, even for web developer who is experienced with HTML script still having difficulties adapting to Adobe Flash Software. Even by purchasing a flash template which still requires you to edit them using Adobe Flash.

However in this tutorial we will show you that anyone, even one without multimedia or web design skill can make a Flash Website Easily and without the need to own Adobe Flash. You simply choose a template you like and customize it using a very easy to use software. Here we show you an example of the Fashion template we are going to cover in this tutorial.

Here is the result

Software: IncrediFlash Website Template
Time: Less than 30 minutes
Skill: Beginner


1. Download and Install the FREE editor software from here
2. Run the software and click OK to start a new project.

3. You will see all available Flash Templates. You need to purchase the template you wish to use by clicking the Purchase button. You can also preview them by clicking the View button.

However for evaluation you can try the first template called 'Abstract'. Even though we are going to use the Fashion Template for our discussion, all the customization process for all templates are similar.

So here we select Fashion Template and click Create button.

4. Here you will see the website is created automatically for you. What we need to do now is to change texts and photos to suit your purpose. Notice that there are 4 page thumbnails showing on the left. That represent each of your website page. You can add or remove page however in this time we will stick to default 4 pages.
The page currently selected is the one with the red box around it. This page is the one we are currently see in the big preview window at the center.

5. Click on the Company Name text at the top to change it. Soon you will see a textbox at the bottom right corner showing the same text. Change the text in that textbox to 'Easy Flash Inc'

Soon you will see that the Company Name text on the website will change respectively.

6. Do the same for any text on that page you would like to change. If you feel a little adventurous you can also try to change their color and font name using control above the textbox where you type in the text.

7. Now we will edit Collection Page. Click on the Collection Page thumbnail on the left panel. You will now see that the Preview window is now showing you the Collection Page.

8. Here we will change some photos. Click on the top most photo thumbnail. Notice that the control on the bottom right is now changed into Image control showing properties of image you have just clicked.

9. Click the Folder Browse button to select your own photo as a replacement. It is recommended that you use the same photo dimension as the one showing under the Folder Browse button. However if you don't it is ok. The software will crop and resize the photo to fit the area for you.

10. Now you will see that the photo is changed automatically at the Preview window.

11. At the moment when you play the website. Clicking this photo thumbnail will do nothing. Mostly you want to open a bigger version of a this photo. To do this, go to Click Action tab.

12. Select Show bigger photo and click Folder Browse icon to select a bigger version of your photo. Again if the size of the photo you selected is not the same as the recommended size, you will be offered to automatically resize them.

13. One last thing about changing photo. Sometimes collection of photos are grouped inside a gallery scroller such as the one showing below. You can simply clicking on the thumbnail of the one visible to replace them with your own photo. However there may be more photos than what currently is showing. To scroll the gallery to show more photos, simply clicking on the Right arrow.

Now you can see more photos. You can click on them to replace.

14. Spend sometimes to change other photos in this page and on other pages.

15. One last modification we are going to do is to change the contact email address into our own. Go to Contact Page by clicking on it's thumbnail. Then click on the Email address on the Preview window.

16. Notice that the text control now appears on the bottom right corner. Type in your email address in this textbox. However we are not done yet. This will only change the appearance of the text but not the actual email adress openned when someone clicks on this link.

17. Click 'Click Action' tab and change the email address showing there with your own. This is the actual email address used when someone clicks on this link.

18. Spend a bit more time to change other text such as Fax, Phone and Address.

19. Now you are done. Preview the website by clicking on Preview button. You may stop the playback by pressing the Stop button next to Preview button.

Now you see that the website is fully functional. This is all done by simply clicking and typing without the need to use other complicated software. Isn't it cool!

20. Now as a final step. You may wish to put this website online for real use. To do this, you will publish this website as an HTML and SWF (Flash) file. Click on Publish HTML button.

21. Click the Browse button to select the target folder, type in the Page Title and Filename you wish to use and press OK. After the publishing process is done, you will be offered to preview the website. Choose No.

22. Now go have a look at the target folder using Windows Explorer. You will see an HTML, JPG, SWF file and one subfolder. Simply upload all files and subfolders into your website. Make sure that the subfolder is also uploaded as subfolder. Then your website is visible online by viewing the HTML file.

23. Now if you go back to the software, you can save this project for later modification by pressing File => Save Project menu

Congratulations! You have created your full Flash Website.

Here is the result

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