Moyea SWF to Video Converter which I have used about half a year, I can get some special effects, do as following, you can also get these special effects:">
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Download Moyea SWF to Video Converterand launch it, when you import the flash which you what to convert, then do as follow:

Change the background color & Capture pictures

Click the “Original” in the Background Color box, there will pop up a pigment pane, you can select one color or just DIY a color for your video background. Click the “Camera” tab to capture a picture of the playing flash, and the image files are saved as JPEG format files. Click “folder” on the right to check for its saving folder. You can click the button continuously for pictures, and check them together.

Crop the Video and Add water mark>

Click the button “Crop” and the following interface will pop up.

①Crop the video. Crop the video size by changing the values on the right of the pane. Choose “Select All”, and the video will keep the original size. Or simply move your mouse cursor on the video pane to make it.

②Add image water mark. Check the “Add image water mark” box to add an image to the video. Click “Folder” immediately behind to browse for the image from your folder. Click “None” in the box to set the transparency of your image. “None” is for no editing, and on clicking “Select…” , there will be a dialog box pops up automatically.

③Edit the image. Set the RGB values to DIY a color, showing in the bar below. Drag the tolerance bar, you can easily get the picture altered in pixel; drag the Alpha bar to adjust the opacity of the picture. Click “OK” to continue.

④Set the image position. Place the position of your image by changing the values on the right side. Click the lock in the core, and you can set one certain value without changing other values.