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 Hot Topic - Wireless Application Protocol

  WAP is the latest addition to the "information superhighway" and an exciting one at that. By the year 2001 it is estimated that there will be more than 530 million wireless subscribers and that this number will exceed one billion by 2004. But what is most exciting for flash developers is that a "substantial portion of the phones sold in that year will have multimedia capabilties", a very interesting development.

However when asked, most would say, "err, it's surfing the net on your mobile phone" and don't get me wrong, they would be right. However WAP's visionaries see a deeper structural change at the most basic level. Phones already have basic organisers on them but imagine a PDA/Mobile that performs conferencing, confirms your shopping list for the week then orders it, collects your news and alerts you to breaking news. Your little phone could also control your shares with stop losses, statisical alerts then output the figures to your PC at tax time. WAP will also allow you to pays your bills, organise your home appliances (hot coffee @ 7:15 thanks!!), and start your car five minutes before you get into it on a cold morning. This is a must watch topic for Flash developers as the not too distant future will see increasing bandwidth and new specifications for the inclusion of streaming media like Flash.

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» We're looking for a WAP-head volunteer to spend an hour or two to keep abreast of the latest WAP sites and news and update this page. If you're interested email me.
» WAP Hot topic is now up and running. Contributions or Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Keep an eye on this sections to see other Hot Topics covered like Adobe's Live Motion, SVG, 3D Animation, Streaming Media and more!!
» Development Timeline
» 1995: Ericsson began work on a protocol know as ITTP, or Intelligent Terminal Transfer Protocol.
» 1996-1997 Nokia developed a concept called Smart Messaging, and Unwired Planet created HDML (The Handheld Device Markup Language was a markup language similar to HTML, but optimized for devices with small screens such as phones and PDAs.)
» Dec 1997 Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Unwired Planet (now known as Phone.com) joined forces to launch the WAP Forum.
» 1998 Release of the WAP 1.0 specifications. WAP Forum opened to all interested parties.
» Dec 1999 Over 90 member companies in WAP Forum
» 1999-2000 WAP 1.2 Specifications currently in use

Top 10 WAP Sites

Wapforum.org - The central WAP body.
Nokia.com - Nice clean site, lots info.
Symbian - Home of a mobile operating system.
Nokia WAP Developer's Forum. - Good developer's resource
Phone.com - A founding member of the wapforum
Anywhereyougo.com - Wireless development community
WAPAW - WAP search engine and directory
The Industry Standard - Great Wireless news source
Wireless Companion - a fully integrated WEB and WAP browser including a wireless content publisher.
WAP Hole Sun - WAP community site

Beginner's Sites

What is WAP? - nokia.com
What is WAP? - wapforum.org
WAP FAQ - anywhereyougo.com
The Independent WAP FAQ - unofficial but comprehensive.
Bluetooth FAQ - anywhereyougo.com
WAP Glossary - anywhereyougo.com

Industry Sites

WAP Forum

Portals/Search Engines

WAPAW - WAP search engine and directory
WAPMAP - Claims to be the world's first WAP search engine
WAPjag - Links directory
WAP @ Yahoo - Yahoo's WAP Directory.

Forums - Chat - Disscussion Boards

Nokia WAP Developer's Forum - Must Register
Gelon.net Discussion Board
WAP Developer's Discussion Forum

WAP Browsers

The Wapalizer WAP Browser - gelon.net
Wireless Companion - a fully integrated WEB and WAP browser including a wireless content publisher.
WinWAP - Choose from WinWAP Light and WinWAP Pro

Developer's Resource Sites

» WAP 1.2 Documentation - wapforum.org
Wireless Application Protocol Architecture Specification
Wireless Application Environment Overview
Wireless Application Environment Specification
Wireless Markup Language Specification
WMLScript Language Specification
WMLScript Standard Libraries Specification
Wireless Transaction Protocol Specification
WMLScript Crypto API Library
* All link to same page, more specs available

» Articles
WAP for Web Developers (part I) - anywhereyougo.com
WAP for Web Developers (part II) - anywhereyougo.com
WAP for Web Developers (part III) - anywhereyougo.com
WAP and ASP (part I) - asptoday.com
WAP and ASP (part II) - asptoday.com
Mobile Management Architecture - phone.com
Understanding Security on the Wireless Internet - phone.com
Enabling the Wireless Internet - phone.com
EPOC Overview - symbian.com
Wireless Net: Not Yet - The Industry Standard

» Reference
The WAP White Paper - wapforum.org
WAP Presentation Library - wapforum.org
WAP Technical Presentation Library - wapforum.org
WML Guide - anywhereyougo.com
WAP Glossary - anywhereyougo.com
WAP FAQ - anywhereyougo.com
Bluetooth FAQ - anywhereyougo.com
Bluetooth White Papers - anywhereyougo.com
Phone.com Publications - phone.com
EPOC Technical Papers - symbian.com

» Toolbox

    Developers Sites
    Forum Nokia - Wireless Developer's Heaven
    Phone.com Developer's Area - Phone.com
    Ericsson Developer's Zone - Ericsson.com
    Mobic.com - Mobile Internet Community website
    WAP Hole Sun - WAP community site

    Nokia WAP Toolkit - A generic software tool for application software development for a Nokia WAP Server.
    Phone.com SDK - Test your WML decks with this development tools
    Symbian SDK - And this one
    Dynamic Systems SDK - and this one!
    Hardware and Softare

    Nokia WAP Server - Connects WAP enabled terminals to content and applications hosted by Web servers
    Nokia WAP Client - A platform-independent WAP client including microbrowser
    Waba Platform - Alternative OS to Windows CE and EPOC
    Logo Manager for Nokia - Design your own caller group graphics, operator logos, startup graphics and ringtones for your Nokia.
    Paintshop/Photoshop WBMP Plugin - A must have!!
    Ringtone Composer - Only a demo but interested parties can contact webmaster for further info.
    Operator Logo Editor - Only a demo but interested parties can contact webmaster for further info.
    Online WBMP Converter - This little tool takes graphics files of format GIF, JPEG and BMP as input and outputs WBMP

WAP Uploads

» WAP Games
WAP hole sun Games - Super Skiing, WAPoker, Photon Man and more

» Phone Tones
Ringtone.net - purchase ringtones for your phone.


» Mobile Phones
Nokia 6210
Nokia 6250
Nokia 9110 Communicator
Nokia 7110
Ericsson Mobile Phones
Latest Toys - gelon.net
EPOC Smartphones - Ericsson R380 and Philips Ilium Accent.

» PDAs
PDA Buyers Guide - activebuyersguide.com
Latest Toys - gelon.net
Psion - PDA manufacturer
Palm - PDA manufacturer
EPOC Hardware - Another Psion website

» Level Basic

Added: 2000-12-14
Rating: 8 Votes: 10
(10 being the highest)
» Author
Eddie was a Content Editor at Flashkit.com and is actually a sentient Gateway Solo 2150xl notebook that suffers from acute lysdexia and caffeine addiction. He is carried on the shoulders of a semi-autonomous human called "Body".
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Download the files used in this tutorial.
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