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Author: M Keup | Website: http://www.magnifisites.com

This tutorial will show you how to burn a multiplatform CD by using only a Windows PC.

For Flash versions: Flash 4, Flash 5, and Flash MX projector files.
Software needed:
CDEveryWhere; Adaptec Easy CD Creator (other CD burner software may work too.)

If you decide to purchase CDEveryWhere, I HIGHLY recommend viewing the "Help/Contents" before using. I am only going to cover what I did and the software that I used for this process, so if you want to know more, please read their Help text. It's fast reading and well organized. It will also give you a better understanding of how the projector files work and what happens to them when they are prepared for a CD.) Also, please make sure you checkout if there are any glitches between the version of your CD Creator software and CDEveryWhere.

STEP 1) If you haven't already done so, download CDEveryWhere http://www.cdeverywhere.com/

(I have the Professional Version) See product infomation for the version you need (the demo, I believe, is the Professional Version. Price range to purchase runs $39.95 - $295.95)

STEP 2) Publish your .fla's

Publish your .fla's Mac Projector (.hqx) from your Windows machine (publish your Windows projectors, too, or whatever else you are going to put on this CD.)

STEP 3) Open CDEveryWhere

Drag the files to appropriate tabs

  • Find the files you want to put on your CD
  • Drag the .hqx file to the "Macintosh" tab.
  • Drag the .exe to the "Windows" tab.

(If you drag the files to "All Platforms" the user will see both files on the CD and it may be confusing to them which to open. When you drag the .hqx to the "Macintosh" tab and not the "All Platforms" tab, only Macintosh machines will see the file associated with Mac and Windows users will only see the file associated with Windows. So when you check the CD on your Windows machine, you will only see Windows files.

STEP 4) Go to the PLATFORMS tab

- - - - - -
Automatically create autoruns for both platforms

CD Everywhere will automatically create an autorun for both platforms.

  • Go into the "Platform" tab and check "Enable" for Windows and Mac.
  • Select the file you wish to have the autorun open (this will be your .exe and/or .hqx file).

    (Some Mac's have the autorun function disabled. In that case, the Mac user will just have to open the file as they would like other CDs.)

- - - - - -
Set Decoding Types

  • Under Macintosh (HFS)
  • Select Advanced Options.
  • Then select the "Decoding" tab.
  • Make sure that the File Pattern "*.hqx" has the Decoding Type of "BinHex"
  • Click OK

NOTE: I have each selected (Standard CDROM, Microsoft Windows (Joliet), Unix (Rock Ridge), and Macintosh (HFS)

STEP 6) Create the CD image.

CDEveryWhere only prepares the file for burning. It does not actually burn the CD.

  • Click on the CD icon at the top or select "Image/Create" from the menu.
  • The default folder your file will be will save to is "My CDEW Documents" unless you specify a different folder.
  • Type in the name you want to call your file and click (save or ok - cant remember the button)

CDEveryWhere has now created an "image file" for your CD which includes the decoded or extracted Mac version. So now, all you have to do is burn the CD.

STEP 7) Place a BLANK CD-R in your CD Burner

(You can only use a NEW CD each time you burn a CD image. Burning from a "CD Image" can only be burned on the 1st session of the CD)

STEP 8) Open Adaptec Easy CD Creator

(In this tutorial I used ver 3.5c in which these instructions are based upon) - ***If you don't have Adaptec software, go to http://www.cdeverywhere.com/ for links to other supported cd recording software***

  • Select "File/Create CD From Disc Image"
  • Select files of type "ISO Image Files (*.iso)" and then select the CD image file that you created in step
  • Click Open The window will pop up asking what speed to burn and the test/create options.
  • Make your selections and click OK.


Test your CD out on both or all platforms at your friends house, library, or make arrangements at a local school.

For more information on what else CDEveryWhere can do or won't do for you, go to the Web site. http://www.cdeverywhere.com/ or read the Help Text and Tips, etc after you install it.

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Added: 2003-11-12
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