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This Flash Tutorial addresses how to make a movie in a movie. I’ve noticed in the forums that many beginners to Flash often conceptualize a Flash movie as one long movie with one time line. It is important beginners learn early that Flash may alternatively be conceptualized as many small movies, or movieClips, which are called to the main time line to play as needed. As you become more familiar with Flash you will learn that this is really a great way to create Flash movies. A few of the many advantages include better control of your main time line, and the ability to reuse movie clips in completely different Flash movies. For example, you may find a preloader movieClip that you can reuse in every Flash movie you make! So, lets get started. NOTE: This flash tutorial is done in Flash MX 2004; however, it is easily adapted to every release of Flash to Flash 4. The difference you might experience are locating certain editing features such as “Create Motion Tween” in the drop down menu. To make to tutorial compatible with all versions of Flash I will use the F keys and other keyboard strokes to call editing functions and windows. By Marc Debiase

This is a tutorial is very simple for those new to flash. It is designed as a scaffolding task. This means that the learner will be able to apply a simply learned knowledge to many more complex ideas as they are encountered in more complex environments. We will accomplish two objectives in this tutorial. Objective one is to illustrate one way of creating a small secondary flash movie symbol, also called a movie clip using the 'create symbol function' in the library panel. The second objective is to illustrate how a movie clip is used as part of a main flash movie. The example we provided here is an animation that plays when you mouse over a button.
Note: The concept of using multiple movie clips in the main timeline of your flash movie is something those new to flash should learn and utilize quickly. You will discover that using multiple movie clips on one main movie timeline is the norm -- not the exception in Flash. This methodology used correctly serves many purposes, two of which are limiting the size and number of levels in your main movie timeline (i.e., organization), and minimizing programming -- as one movie clip can be used over and over again in a variety of different flash movies (e.g., a preloader movie clip, your animated logo, a menu, etc...).
This tutorial is for Flash 4.0 through FLASH MX 2004 By Odisey aka Marc Debiase

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