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Author: Matt Lapan | Website: http://www.yeahyourock.freewebpages.org
Now, upon making this tutorial, I'm assuming you ALREADY made your nice little movie, and saved it to your computer. In this state, it's in the .FLA format, which is the file in which you can edit and revise the document in Flash. Now, click File> Publish Settings. In this menu that pops up, click on the Formats tab, at the top of the menu. Here, just make sure at LEAST the Flash (.swf) and the HTML (.html) boxes are checked off. In uploading Shockwave Files (.swf's,) which are the actual movies you can watch, you have to upload BOTH the .swf AND the .html files to your site, but I'll get onto that later. For now, click on the Flash tab. Now, I'm not going to go into TOO much detail about what each option means, but I'll explain the necessary. First off, on the Version: dropdown box, I would recommend you don't use the NEWEST version of Flash if you can help it, as some users don't have the newest Flash plugin and it won't work on their machine. So to avoid that whole mess, you should set it to Flash Player 6, maybe even 5 if you can help it, so as not to aggravate your viewers. the rest here is okay as it is, except you might want to check Protect From Import, so no one can steal your work. So click the next tab at the top, HTML, and we'll continue. Hmmm... well, nothing much here, either. Just make sure the Template: is set to Flash Only. Also, you might as well UNcheck Display Menu, this makes it so that the viewer CANNOT right-click the .swf on your site, preventing them from stealing it. So, that's just about it for this part, good job! Now, in order to publish your document, you need to click the Publish button at the bottom of the window. Yep, seems pretty self-explanatory to me. When you click Publish, remember that it publishes both the .swf and the .html to wherever you saved the original .fla document, so you know how to find it. Now, go to the part of your site where you can UPLOAD files onto their server. Make sure the file uploader is in BINARY mode before you upload the files. This option varies from site to site, so I can't go into much detail about it. Anyway, I'm not too sure if it matters, but I think you have to upload the .swf FIRST, THEN the .html, it seems to work that way. NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU UPLOAD BOTH THE .SWF AND THE .HTML FILES OF YOUR FLASH DOCUMENT TO THE SAME FOLDER AS THE PAGE YOU'RE GOING TO PUT IT ON. If, for instance, I wanted to put a Flash movie (let's call it MOVIE.swf) onto my index.html page of my site, I would go into the File uploader first. Whichever folder on the site's server the index.html file is in, I would upload BOTH the MOVIE.swf AND the MOVIE.html files into the SAME folder, right in with the index.html file. That's as BEST as I can explain it. Now, go to your computer and find the .html file that goes along with your .swf movie (for instance, MOVIE.html) Right-click it, and go to Open With> Notepad. This is the WHOLE html code for the .swf document you made. Just highlight ALL of it, copy it, and paste it onto the page of your site that you want it to show up on. Make sure you paste the code in the part of your site that holds the HTML code, not the part where you actually SEE what it looks like. For instance, for whatever website-editing program you're using, look for the source code mode, which shows you all that HTML code that looks like a bunch of random letters and symbols, and paste the code in their. You can do whatever you want with it from there. Now, just upload your HTML page with the Flash movie in it onto the site, keeping it in the same folder as the .swf and other .html file for the Flash movie. Well, that's pretty much it. If you have any questions about this, you can email me. Yeah I know, this tute was pretty terrible, as I over-explained myself way too much, but oh well. Hopefully it'll be of some use to someone.
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Added: 2005-04-09
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My first tutorial... go easy on me, guys...
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