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Author: mark
Creating a flash movie...
When you only just bought it, you wont quite know how to use it...
Well, thats what i figured out !
This tutorial covers some basic actions to make a film look good !

1. modifying frame rate and size

So, your in your movie, right click the white zone, the place where you draw.
You will se propreties, click it. There you will have the FPS which is the Frames per second, preferably 24 for a good realistic movie, but when i started, i used 12.
There is also as size zone, modify as you please. I keep the 500 X 400 size for all my movies.
There, you are done with all that !

2.keyframes and layers

Keyframes are basically the frames that you draw in to make a movie, to add a keyframe, you have to be looking at your timeline , the place with all the frames and layers.
To add a new Keyframe, simply right click add new keyframe or click on the previous keyframe and press F6.
I use F6 so i can move and rotate objects to make movies in the fastest way possible, but we will come to that later.
Now you know how to how to add keyframes let's talk about layers .

One way of imagining a layer is to think its an imaginary piece of transparent paper you put on top or underneath another one to have one layer per object incase you want to make tweens , We will cover tweens together later.
When you are getting good at making movies, you will feel the need to use more layers. Like, if you want to draw a house you will have layers for :

1.the house
2. the windows
3. the door
4. the chimeney
5. the clouds beside
6. the blue sky

Well, you get what i mean, so to make a good film, you need loads of layers, just like an onion.

3. tweens

Tweens are simple, by drawing something in one keyframe, pressing F5 to make that keyframe longer and F6 at the end, you move the object in the last keyframe, insert a tween and it all turns inton one long keyframe with an arrow inside, this means that the computer analyzed it and created a motion, between the object before and the object after.
This is how to make a tween :

1. draw something in a keyframe
2. Press F5 to make the keyframe longer (hold it)
3. click on the last keyframe and press F6
4. On that last keyframe use the selection tool to select and move the object (the selection tool is the black cursor)
5. slect all the keyframes you want to add a tween to 'before and after) and right click add Motion Tween

BOOM ! There's your tween.
The reason i tell you to use a layer for each object is that, if you use a tween on ONE object, the hole set will move and blow up ypur film ! 4. Symbols

Basically, if you make a movie without symbols or the use of F6, it'll suck, because you redraw a man and he wont like stand straight or anything, what you need is SYMBOLS and the use of F6 to make life easier.
Now, what "exactly is a symbol ?" you are asking yourself.
Well, it's pretty simple. Let's say you draw a leg of a man, if you convert it to a symbol all you have to do is drag it out from the library on to your seen, close to the last place you put it, and repeat that so it feels like movement.
This sounds pretty stupid a moving black line, but with the use of layers, one for every fore arm and ram and head and spine, you can use tweens.
Now, there are three types of symbols :

- buttons (for links)
- movie clips (for animating in an easier way)
- graphics (images you can drag into the movie)

Now, before you do anything, open the library by pressing CTRL and L together.
Draw let's say an arm, a black long line will do.
Select it with the selection tool and right click on it. Now, click on "convert to symbol..." and select a behavior : Movieclip, button or graphic.
For an arm or a leg, i would choose a graphic.

So, its easy. Now press CTRL and F8 together, select movie clip.
This is for creating animations within your animation that will play freely, better for a menu to make it look cool !
Just creat an animation on that place !
When your finished click on the arrow close to the top left corner.

Buttons, a buttons purpose is for someone to click it to go to another URL or to another part of your movie.
For a start, click on the frame you want to add a button and add an action to it (The actions panel is at the bottom with propreties panel), add this action to it :


So, that's the action you add to that frame so the movie won't play before someone click your button.
To create a button, just draw a square or anything with writting in it such as PLAY THE MOVIE.
Select it with the selection tool (black cursor) and "convert to symbol..." and i guess you want it as a button.
Now, you got the button and the stop action. What happens when you click the button ? NOTHING !
You need to add an action to it !
Open the actions panel and add this action to it :

on (press) {
gotoandplay (*)

Replace the * by the number of the frame you won't to go to after you pressed. Or by "the instance name of the frame you wan't to go to". Now you have all that, let's talk of Instance Names !

5. Instance names

Instance names are basically names you give to objects A.K.A symbols.
When working with big and strong scripts, if you don't have instance names as targets, it just won't work !
Especially in games !
To add an instance name, you have to open the properties panel, change the to what ever you want and PRESS ENTER.
There, you got your instance name, you know a bit of all the basics, if you have any trooble e-mail me at :

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Added: 2005-01-03
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Hello, my name is mark, i am 11 and mad about flash.
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