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2 Player Fighting Game Part 3

open up the Fla from the previous tutorial
Note:if you missed the last tutorial? View it here!

Step2 Draw a health bar. Make its width 200 and make its height 20. Make it a movie clip and make its registration on the left center. Instance name it health1 put this movie clip in the top left corner of the stage.

Step 3 Do the same think as step 2 but instance name it health2 and put it in the top right corner of the stage.

Step4 double click on the player 1 movie clip. add these actions on the drawn stickman movie clip.
onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (hitTest(_root.player2.hit)) { _root.health1._xscale -= 1; _parent.gotoAndPlay(“fall”); } If (_root.health1._xscale<0){ _root.gotoAndStop(“2win”);} }

Step5 now double click on the player 2. add these actions to the stickman movie clip.
onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (hitTest(_root.player1.hit)) { _root.health2._xscale -= 1; _parent.gotoAndPlay(“fall”); } If (_root.health2._xscale<0){ _root.gotoAndStop(“1win”);} }

Step6 now go back to the main timeline. Put these actions on frame1. div class=notes>stop();

Step7 insert 2 frames on the main timeline. Label them 1win and 2win.

Step8 on the 1win page put text saying Player 2 wins!. Next put text saying play again. Lasso it and make it a button. Put in these actions
on (release){ _root.gotoAndStop(1); }

Step 9 on the 2win page put text saying Player 2 wins!. Next put text saying play again. Lasso it and make it a button. Put in these actions
on (release){ _root.gotoAndStop(1); }
And there you go a basic 2 player fighting game engine! You could do much more to this engine such as add more attacks, multiple players, 1 player ai which I will probably make a tutorial on in the future

If you have any questions email me at My site will soon be back up it is currently under construction Old site: if you liked this tutorial Check out my site Thanks.

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Added: 2006-08-09
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13 yr old Flash Masta!!! Level 40 Night Elf Hunter!!! Booyah moma
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