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In this course, I focus on showing the difference between static text and dynamic text. You can write your favorite sentence right after the one I offered. OK, have a try. By Vivian Dong

A short tutorial on how to lip sync. This is the same as my other one, but I fixed the picture problem. By honsoworld

Tutorial for creating Flash photo album to color your digital life. By Lisa Janice

Create a stunning Flash presentation online manually for quick publishing and easily distribution.
By SusanZheng

A short tutorial on how to lip sync. By honsoworld

A short tutorial on how to lip sync. By HonsoWorld

Tutorial on createing Flash slideshows from your digital still photos. By Lisa Janice

Make a very nice looking color tween! By RWS By RWS

Tutorial which shows you how to animate frame by frame style in flash. Very simple and is explained step by step. By Snoophogg

This tutorial will show you how to animate FBF (Frame by frame) style. You will be able to make a flash cartoon like xiao xiao by the end of this tutorial. By Brendanharris90

Move an animation around the screen. By peterhawkes

This tutorial will show you how to create a cartoon like xioa xiao, its very easy and is suituated for everyone, begginers intemediate or proffesional. By B (aka brendan)