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Author: anna | Website: http://flashslideshow.blogspot.com
Bound to please. You can now surprise your Myspace friends by building a cool flash animated Myspace profile with Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder.

Step 1. Start Flash Slideshow Builder and import your photos.
Run the program, select a folder which contains your digital photos and double-click to add them to story board. Drag & drop is available here.

Step 2. Edit photos.
Select "Edit" tab, and make some basic editing, such as crop, filter, rotate, flip, etc.

Step 3. Add decoration to your slideshow.
Perfect the photo slideshow with text captions, interesting sound clips, hyperlink, etc. Here's the sample to add animated text.

Step 4. Apply transition effects and pan & zoom photo motions.
Swap to "Effect" tab and choose your favorite effects. 200+ excellent transitions are available for choosing from. For better slideshow, you could also apply photo motions, such as panning and zooming.

Step 5. Choose your style template.
Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder includes different styles of templates, say, thumnail gallery templates, general templates and theme designer for customizing your own template.

Step 6. Publish as online album
Select the 'Publish' tab, and click on 'Publish as Online Album' button. The new window will prompt you to save your created work. Type a filename, and click 'Save' to continue.

Step 7. Upload your album.
The next step you need to upload the SWF file(s) to an external webhost or a web host where you host another website, or use our free flash hosting service with the Online Album Publishing Wizard.

Step 8. Copy the generated HTML code and paster to Myspace editor.
Open your myspace editor, and switch to the "HTML" mode. Then add the generated HTML code above to any of the sections in your Myspace profile. Save the settings and well that's done!

If you have uploaded the SWF file(s) to an external website, simply add the following code to any of the sections in your post: