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Author: sunnyday | Website: http://www.flash-slide-show.com
what you need Part 1: Create a flash slideshow banner Part 2: embed into Myspace profile

Create Myspace flash slideshow banner

This tutorial is copied from http://www.flash-slide-show.com. For reading whole tutorial included the generated MySpace flash banner and photos, please visit http://www.flash- slide-show.com/tutorials/slideshow-for-myspace.html

Still confusing how to promote your products? Just start to get a Myspace for building business platform. Today, not only teenagers but also thousands of adults are very fond of it. An awesome Myspace profile page will grasp lots of eyeballs which help you meet clients. Below is tutorial show you how to create a Myspace flash slideshow banner for your business.

Here's what you'll need:
1.Myspace Account
2.Digital photos for flash banner
3.Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder 4.5.0or later

In the following how-to, I'll create a flash banner using Flash Slideshow Bulder. There are so many features in the software that you could spend hours on one template, but getting started is pretty simple. Where you go from there is up to you.

Step 1: Download

Download and install the software Flash Slideshow Builder, then run it.
http://download.flash-slide- show.com/fssb_trial.exe

Step 2: Browse

You can import the photos which are pre-processed before by using some professional Image Processing Tool, say Photoshop, or just import the original photos then process them with the built-in editing tool, which include some basic functions like crop, rotate, filter, etc. Especially, you can add a hyperlink for each photo here. Below are my original photos.

Step 3: Theme & Effect

Here I choose the default theme “RedRight” and “Fade” transition effect. After that, right click on one photo on the Story Board to set the “Duration Setting”. Set “Picture Duration” as 2 sec and “Transition Duration” as 1 sec, then check the option “Apply all settings to all pictures”.

Want to see more Free Templates, you can visit:

Step 4: Decorate

“Decorate” your photo with texts. Click “New Text” to add texts, select font, size, color, text effect, etc. for your photos. Here I select Font “Happy”, Size “22”, Color “Gold”, Effect “Fade ”.

Step 5: Publish

Modify some “Publish Settings” to make the flash banner the best and then click “Share Album Online ” A pop-up window will prompt you to save your created work. Type a filename, and click 'Save' to continue. Then just follow the steps to upload your album online with Online Album Publishing Wizard.

After the uploading process finished, we will see the a window with HTML code, copy it.

Step 6: Embed into Myspace

Open your Myspace profile. Then add the generated HTML code above to any of the sections. Save the settings and well that's done!
Simply add the following code to any of the sections in your post: