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Author: Robert White

40> Now we are going to simulate blood splatter. Make a layer above the expression layer but below the anvil one by highlighting Expression and hitting Create Layer. Rename it “Blood”.

41> Put a keyframe on the blood layer around about where the anvil hits our character.

42> Now using the Paint Brush tool put it to a small round shape in the options area and choose a dark red.

43> Start the first keyframe of blood splatter. Make it look like blood particles instead of just drawing awkward looking lines all over the place. Also use different sized brushes to give it more detail.

44> Now its time to get into the animation of the blood. Turn on your onion skinning so you get a general idea of how the blood should look as it falls. Don’t try to make this part perfect or else you will be there for ever. As some of the blood hits the ground leave the particles there every keyframe as if the blood has settled on the ground. So instead of deleting every particle per keyframe just use the eraser tool to have more control over the animated particles while leaving the settled particles on the ground.

45> I created my blood animation in 5 keyframes. Don’t forget to add the blood streaks from underneath the anvil to make it look good.

46> Lock the blood layer as we won’t need to touch it now.

47> All the animation is now done. Its time to tidy up the scene using Masks so we don’t see the character or the anvil until they enter the scene.

48> Create a new layer on top of the stack and rename it mask.

49> Now create a black box on that layer that takes up the entire scene. Taking care to line the edges of the box up with the borders.

50> Right click the Mask Layer in the stack and click on “MASK” from the list. Now you have to drag every layer up just a tad so it locks underneath the layer above it. It makes sort of a grey line between the two layers which tells you that you are now putting it under the mask.

51> Look at the grey line between Stickman and Blood. When you let go of the dragging your layer icon should turn blue. Now put every layer underneath the mask so that all their icons are blue making sure that you keep the layers in the same order.

52> Now lets get rid of all the excess frames we don’t need. Drag from the 55th frame on the top layer down to the last frame on the bottom layer so all the frames on all the layers from 55 onwards are selected. Now right click and press “Remove Frames”.

53> Ok now its time to add sound.

54> I’ve got two files. Man Scream.wav and Splat.wav You can add a whole crap load more depending on how much realism you want and how much time you want to waste on it.

55> Now its time to import these files. Go to File --> Import --> Import to Library and choose the two sound files. (You can select multiple files by holding down the ctrl key)

56> Ok now create a new layer on top of the mask layer and rename it Soundfx.

57> Create a keyframe just before the expressions keyframe kicks in. All sound has a 1 frame delay before it plays. So say we want a sound to play exactly on keyframe 23 we would actually create the sound keyframe on frame 22.

58> In my case I am creating the sound keyframe for the man scream on keyframe 24.

59> Open up your library by pressing F11 and drag and drop the man scream.wav into the scene. You should now have something like this:

60> Now do the same for splat on the same layer.

61> As you can see I had to start the keyframe for splat way earlier then when the anvil hits because the Splat sound doesn’t play until a few milliseconds into the .wav You can tell by the flat line before the squiggly crap of the sound.

62> Ok now lock the SoundFX layer. We are done with this scene.

63> We are going to create a new scene so you can put in some ending text.

64> Press Shift+F2 to bring up the scenes box. (Can also be accessed through Window --> Other Panels --> Scene)

65> Double Click “Scene 1” and rename it “Animation”

66> Now Press the + Symbol to make a new scene and rename that one “Ending”

67> In this scene make a Black Background and add some White text saying “The End” or any other nonsense you would like to add. Add About 45 Frames so it plays out.

68> Now your done. Its time to produce the .fla into .swf or .exe. If your sending your cartoon to someone who hasn’t got flash then its best to export as .exe because it has the player in it. To do this go to File --> Publish Settings and untick everything except for Windows Projector (exe) Tick that one so it publishes in .exe

69> Hit File --> Publish and it will export the cartoon to the folder that you have been saving your work too. To export as SWF untick everything except for .swf in publish settings.

70> There you are. With those basics you can make complex stick fight scenes like Joe Zombie and Stick Wars and crap. Remember to name all your layers and keep everything as neat as possible because when your down the line on frame 877 with over 40 layers you need to have a bit of organization.

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Added: 2006-05-13
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Robert White Qld Australia ColdHonor@hotmail.com
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