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Author: Vernon Morris | Website:
This tutorial assumes you are comfortable creating movie clip symbols and giving them instance names as well as writing basic functions in ActionScript.
  • Step 1: Create a new Flash document and add two movie clips. In the property inspector, name them 'point1' and 'point2' (any names will suffice but my example will use these particular names)
  • Step 2: Let's start writing a function that draws a line from 1 side of the screen through these two points (wherever it is that they may be) and to the other end of the stage.
  • Step 3: Lets right the beginning of our function:

  • function perfectLine(myClip1, myClip2 ,suppliedDepth ){
    //_slope: First let's find the slope of a line between the two clips
    _slope = -(myClip1._y - myClip2._y)/(myClip1._x - myClip2._x);

    //These variables represent the total left, right, top and bottom
    //of the screen to which we will draw a line. We will use the slope that
    //we just found to calculate these variables later on

    var _totalLeft:Number;
    var _totalRight:Number;
    var endY:Number;
    var staRtY:Number,
    var newDeltX:Number;
    // Next is where the movieClip in wich we will house our line.
    //Remember that we need a MovieClip to draw a line
    // (though in Flash 9 it will no longer be necessary to draw in a mc)

    var drawLineInThisClip:MovieClip;

    //The _stringCount is a just a variable that we will append to each line's movieclip
    // Each line needs to be associated with a movieclip. Each clip, of course,
    // requires its own, distinct depth-- we might after all want multiple lines.
    // on the Stage and we can now assign them different depths

    var _stringCount = suppliedDepth;

    //The next 3 variables let you customize the following properties of our
    //humbly named 'perfect lines'
    //They're pretty self-explanatory

    var lineThickNess = 3; // How thick the line is
    var lineRGB = 0x000033; //the color of the line
    var lineAlpa = 90; //The Alpha of the line

    //_totalRight, not surprisingly, represents how far on the right we want to be able to draw
    // Since we want to be able to draw ALL the way to the right we use 'Stage.width'
    //_totalLeft is the x position on the left which is zero. Remember in Flash's
    //coordinate system x values start at zero on the absolute left.

    _totalRight = Stage.width;
    _totalLeft = 0;

    //Here is where we create the movieClip that will house our line.
    drawLineInThisClip =_root.createEmptyMovieClip(('line'+_stringCount), suppliedDepth)

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Added: 2007-01-21
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