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A quick tutorial for the Flash 5 trainee looking for a nice, interactive touch for their site. Need very basic knowledge of ActionScripting. A very simple and straight-forward tutorial. By Flash Wizard

Learn how to create radio buttons in Flash 5 in this tutorial. By Patrick Mineault

This tutorial shows how to use Flash 5.0 arrays to create versatile, stunning text-effects. By Paul Price

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Clip Events for the mouse to create dynamic buttons. By Gareth Gibson

Burn the destination url into your SWF file. By Tiran Dagan

Communicate with your Flash movie without the problematic FScommand!! By Tiran Dagan

Shows the true progress of loading. By Josh VanderLinden

Here's a way to tween a symbol in two directions with only one motion tween. By Agamemnon

amoeba! By Adam

This tutorial describes the ActionScript required to reproduce one of yugo nakamura's dynamic menus. By ben david bennett

Here is a way to rotate any movie clip with only 3 frames and one variable for speed. By Jason Riegner

Learn how to sort Arrays. By Philipp Heltewig