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Author: Steve Happ | Website: http://www.video-animation.com

Arithmetic "IF" operator

The syntactic form is:
Expression1 ? expr2 : expr3 ;
If expression1 evaluates to a true condition, then expression2 is evaluated, otherwise expression3 is evaluated. E.g.

x = 2;
y = 5;
max = x

Bitwise Operators

Bitwise operators operate on the value to base 2 (binary). Operands must be integers.
Left Shift ("<<") - shifts the bits of the left operand some number of positions to the left. e.g.

someNum = 1; 
0 0	0 0	0 0 0 1

SomeNum = someNum<<1;
0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

SomeNum = someNum<<2;
0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

Right Shift (">>")
SomeNum = someNum >>3;
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
The leftShift operator inserts "0" from the right.
The Right Shift operator inserts "0" from the left.

Variables (AS 2.0)

A variable is identified by a user-supplied name. Each variable is of a particular data type. E.g.

Var num:Number;
"Number" is a type specifier. A declaration can follow the template:
var variableName:DataType;
  • The use of the ":Datatype" is not strictly enforced in AS2 but I strongly recommend it.
  • A variable can be composed of letters, numbers and underscore. Upper and lower case letters are different.
  • Variables need to be initialised. I.e. given an initial value.
    var myNum:Number;	//Declaration 
    myNum = 0;		//Initialisation
  • In AS 1.0, variables are not strictly typed and can change types.

DataTypes (AS 2.0 only)

Variables in AS 2.0 can be given strict datatypes such as a Number or a String or a Boolean. e.g.

var myNum:Number;
var myString:String;
var isTested:Boolean;
In AS 1.0 there is no strict datatyping. A number can become a String and vice versa. e.g.
num = 10;
num = "Test";
Strict datatyping can capture errors.

Compiler Errrors

  1. Syntax errors - e.g. var numberOne:
  2. Spelling Mistakes - var mc:MoveiClip;
  3. DataType Errors - (AS 2.0)

var num1:Number;
var str1:String;
num1 = "Steve";
str1 = 27;

Flow control


An if statement tests a condition. If it is true, then a set of actions is executed. Otherwise, the set is ignored or bypassed. Here is a template :

Here is an example :
	 var x = 23;
		trace("x is greater than 3");


If .. else allows for a kind of either .. or condition.

If expression is true then statement1 is executed.
If expression is false then statement2 is executed.
var x = 2;
if(x > 3){
trace("condition is true");
trace("condition is false");

Switch (AS 2.0 only)

A switch statement is an alternative to complex nested if .. else statements

	case 1:
	case 2:
The variable to be evaluated is inserted into the switch argument. If the first variable's value is 1 then statement1 is evaluated. A break statement is inserted after it so that the switch statement is terminated. The default label is the condition for "everything else".
var tester:Number;
tester = random(3);
switch (tester) {
case 1 :
	trace("tester = 1");
case 2 :
	trace("tester = 2");
case 3 :
	trace("tester = 3");
default :
	trace("Out of range");

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