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Author: Steve Happ | Website: http://www.video-animation.com


Comments are helpful lines that are not compiled.

  • They help readers understand our program,
  • summarize a function's algorithm,
  • identify the purpose of a variable, or
  • clarify a segment of code.

There are two types.

  1. Multiple Lines ( /* */ )
    An explanation of a section of code or
     a coder's name and date
    and other stuff
  2. Single Line delimiters (//)
    // number of record
    var recordNum ;


Operators are signs that do something to variables on either side of them. Here are the arithmetic operators:

Operator Name Example
* Multiplication X* Y
/ Division X/Y
% Modulus X % Y
+ Addition X + Y
- Subtraction X - Y

The Modulus operator(%) computes the remainder of division between 2 integers.
e.g. 5 % 2 = 1
5/2 = (2*2) + 1(remainder)
Try it out! Ex1.

 var x = 3;
 var y = 5;
 var mult1 =  x * y;
 trace(x + " times " + y + " = " + mult1);
var min = 35;
var max = 239;
var addition = min + max;
trace(min + " plus " + max + " = " + addition;
You get the idea. Try all the operators and start writing your own scripts.

Equality, Relational and Logical Operators

These operators evaluate to true or false

Logical AND (&&)

Evaluates to true only if both its operands evaluate to true. E.g.

 x = 5;
 if(x>0 && x < 10){
something = true;

Logical OR ( || )

Evaluates to true if either of its operands evaluate to true. E.g.

 x = 5;
If(x>0 || x<4){
something = true;

Operator Name Example
! Logical NOT (!hasFired)
< Less than x < y
> Greater than x> y
<= Less than or equal to x <= y
>= Greater than or equal to x >= 24
== Equality if(hasFired == true)
!= Inequality If( x != 7)
&& Logical AND x >0 && x < 10
|| Logical OR x< 0 || x > 20

Assignment Operator ( = )

The effect that an assignment has is to store a new value in the left operand's associated memory storage space e.g.

 x = 7;
This statement means that the value 7 is assigned to the variable x.

Increment and decrement Operators ( ++ and -- )

The increment (++) and decrement (--) operators are a shortcut way of adding or subtracting 1 from a variable. E.g.
Prefix increment - ++c; // c = c+1
Postfix increment - c++;
The prefix form of ++ increments the value of the variable before that value is used.

stack[++top] = val;
//Is equivalent to the following 2 lines
top = top +1;
stack[top] = val;
The postfix form of ( --) decrements the value of top after that value is used.
stack[top--] = val;
//Is equivalent to :
	 stack[top] = v;
	top = top -1;

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Added: 2005-08-10
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Steve Happ is the founder of Steve's Tutes and has been going hard at it developing Flash for Web and CD-rom.
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