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Author: Frets

The Example

go ahead and try it

If you've tried it twice once by using the enter key and once by using the Press button you'll notice you get two different results. That's because I've assigned two different expressions to the dynamic text box. But thats for later on Lets work on some basics first. <%BK%>

Input Text

  • Select the text button from the layout panel left of the stage.
  • Click and drag to create a text block.
  • Go To the Text Panel on the right.
  • Name your text see note for the sake of arguement lets call it Inny
  • Do Not select it as a target
  • The Defaut setting for text is Static Click on the word static and use the drop down to select Input.
  • Select Advanced from the Drop down menu that says Dimensions.
  • Select the Black Box icon and deselect Multi line for this example.

Input Text