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This tutorial is a step by step guide on how to import a model from Counter-Strike into Flash using Milkshape 3D and Swift3D v2. Providing you have the correct software, this tutorial can be followed by users at all levels. By Goretex

This tute will teach you how to simulate lighting on tilted surfaces using trigonometry. By Mr10

Learn how to create 3D effects for Flash using MS Word. By Matt Sweeney

What I'm going to talk about is developing complex animation's, esp importing 3DS files, and creating slightly more complex 3D, and I'll have a little comparison of 3D files. By Keran McKenzie

Ever wanted to make 3d objects in Flash, without buying expensive, complicated 3d programs? If your aim is to get some not much complicated, rotating objects try this tutorial... By Fabio Paoleri

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the fine art of making a Flash 3D-engine. What this means is that we are going to find out how to take a set of 3D coordinates and transform them into 2D coordinates. Do note that this tutorial is made for Flash4. Of course the mathematics and the explanations are the same in Flash5, but you will have to change the actual Actionscripting. Good luck! By KStor

Follow Trent as he demonstrates how to create your own 3D solar system using 3D Studio Max. By Trent Schwarz

Learn the simple technique of creating and animating 3d text with the use of a path. By Trent Schwarz

Create a pseudo ball that orbits around text. A great effect for logos. By Cort Stull