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This fla file will teach you how to make a flash movie store/save movies on your local computer, you can save how many times u went to a site, or your name, And if u have downloaded X and Y buy me, here is a working zip file By MopFlash

HOW TO: Load external data to ActionScript from different file (mime)types and dataformats like .txt (text) or .csv (coma separated values) neglecting theusual FLASH&name=value ampersand separated variable format. By F

i fixed the gallery to work for more pictures - i forgot 1 line of code :pthis script loads some tumbnail pictures and when you chose a picture it preloads the full sized pic (whit percent progess) and loads it By MaNiaCu

COOL gallery systemeasy to add more picstumbnails/loading progress By MaNiaCu

This fla contains a prototype script that makes a photogallery without having to create anything on the stage manually. To actually view this go to swf uses external files and you will not see anything in the preview. By buggedcom (aka Oliver Lillie)

This movie loads external images. They fade in and out automatically as well as on interaction, all scripted in a single frame. The SWF file is less than 1 Kb. By Albert

This flash file will allow users to create their own username and password, real-time, and save it to a file so they can log back on again. This also has two squares in which the user can move and it will save their positions so when the user comes back they will appear in the same spot they were. By Brian Cavett II

A nice scripted news menu. any comments and questins are welcome. uses 6 external txt files to work. make sure to unzip in order to work properly By .: posthuman :.

Linkwriter 2.0reads and write textfiles stored on your server using php.automaticly convert http adres inputted in textbox trough a usefull url understood by flash. Using a NonCache script, so the textfiles are not stored in the system cache....change text on the fly.... can be used as a Contentmanagement tool.. to change text in a website....etc..more usefull stuf yet to come By WD Zitman

Password Gate is a user authentication application made in Flash. Password Gate can be used to authenticate any number of users you want now. Each user in accord with their password (in the text file) would be redirected to the URL of your own choice. Read the readme.html file in the package for further details. By 123webwizard

This was made just for fun. Can be used as learning material to understand objects , multi-dimensional arrays, loading externa files and prototypes. Code here is'nt that well organized -- so just forgive me. But do let me know if this has been useful to you in any ways. if u are viewing in flash player 5 just open the main.swf. If the player is version 6 then use main.exe. By Owas

Script to write text inside the server using PHP. (include the php code)obs: portuguese version By Rafael Faria

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» Author: work2survive
» Title: Girl Walking 1kb
» Description: Walking girl, animation just takes 1kb, using high heels shoes, and fashion model attitude.
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» Author: BoxCat
» Title: CPU Talk
» Description: From the cyberpunk RPG, "Nameless: the Hackers" Completely Free to use! Keywords: edm hip hop rap electronic mysterious mission hacking chase exciting spy ios ambient chilling love happy sad angry suspense
Latest Font
» Author: Fábio FAFERS
» Description: I created this font for free use. Everyone can apply it in personal or business texts. Its free, but I want to be communicated in case of business use. Donations are accepted to keep the project of free fonts alive! Thank you all
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» Author: nathan
» Description:

A recorded sound of the Dimensional Fork Gate.