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Hi,guys!Very happy to announce to the world,my easyLoader project was updated to 1.012.this class can be used to load sound,video,txt,xml,image,swf,event dae and on.and you guys can add custom file type for :liuyi, Home and document online!: code: is easyLoader?This work is use load all the assets of website or game,it is an good assets manager.People can use it to load sound,video,txt,xml,image,swf,dae and any custom types of files.Why we need it?-easy of useEvery method have a good naming,you can use it likes speak to an friend.Only need several lines to complete the work.-never be lost itemsload items one by one.-excellent memory manageUsing it continually more than 24 hours,memory do not increase without limit.item can be destoried,easyLoader Object(include all assets) too.-flexibleUser can add custom file type to loading.-dynamic add items for easyLoaderEasyLoader can add and load new assets anytime and anywhere,although all the items were loaded.-Updateswill updates according to user's requirements.How to use?Realy only need several lines:step1:new a easyLoader Objectline1: var _assetsManager = new EasyLoader();step2:add some necessary event Listenerline2: _assetsManager.addEventListener(EasyLoaderEvent.CO MPLETED,assetsLoaded)step3:add the assetsLoaded functionline2:private function assetsLoaded(e:EasyLoaderEvent) {line3: //put some code to here like init()line4:}step4:load assets according to config xmlline5:_assetsManager.loadConfig("assets.xml")ok,this is all!Public MethodsEasyLoader() addFile(path:String, alias:String = "", loadTip:String = "", autoRemove:Boolean = false, method:String = "text"):void addType($type:String, $name:String):Boolean dispose():void disposeFileByAlias(alias:String):Boolean disposeFileByName(name:String):Boolean getFileByAlias(alias:String):LoadedItem getFileByIndex(number:uint):LoadedItem getFileByName(name:String):LoadedIteminit(obj:* = null, $autoLoad:Boolean = true, $ignoreError:Boolean = true):Boolean loadConfig(str:String):voidpause():voidremoveFileByAlias(alias:String):BooleanremoveFileByName(name:String):Boolean start():void unPause():void By liuyi

You can show clock when loading xml, images, or file. (CS3+, AS3) By bugra ozden

This is a very simple and 100% script free flash as3 preloader. Simply drag and drop the preloader movie clip on the first frame on the flash movie and the job is done.The preloader displays a simple animation and the percentage of the amount of movie pre loaded. By Sanyam Jain

Completely scripted preloader with fading colors around the circumference (as3). Doughnut chart like but with gradient colors. Nice for a radar type effect or a round button or as second hand of an analog clock too ... event.type based linkBack button functions plus ColorTransform and how to get autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.CENTER to work the way it did in as1-2, preloader with IE6/7 refresh/reload offline bug workaround. Transparency alpha fade in for generated textfield without embedding fonts if published as flash 10 swf like here. Quite easy to customize via variables including how many times the color fades ... Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the distance between two points of the radius. By ADVANCE-MEDIA

Script made with Flash 8 Is a dynamic gallery made by actionscript.Preload of external jpgthe jpg is in a folder " images " Simpol to customize it By Pizzi

Radar Screen Preloader - use as you will. This is my first submission I'm still new at this, only about a month into learning how Flash works. Enjoy! By WFBrannan

A circular preloader with discs rotating around a star shape. By Sam Wickham

This preloader is made for my website. It has the following statistics and features:-Loading Bar (easy to customize)-Total Amount to Load (kb)-Total Amount Loaded (kb)-Download Speed (kb)So it's everything you need for a stylish preloader...Enjoy! By

This is a loader which loads another movie clip into your main stage from a swf file.It also contains a progress bar which is written with a masking effect which allows the change of color in the percentage text after the bar over passes it, just like all the progress bars used in windows. By Amirsaman Farrokhpanah

This is an enhancement of the famous flvplayer. The improvement from the last version is that the player calculates how much time is needed for the complete download and starts playing the movie accordingly, the same thing quicktime deos for progressive downloading. By marcuzzer

A syphonflash preloader for your movies i want to credit peter murphy for his rival animation. By Mundhir werner

A preloader with good design. By charradi sahbi

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» Author: work2survive
» Title: Girl Walking 1kb
» Description: Walking girl, animation just takes 1kb, using high heels shoes, and fashion model attitude.
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» Author: BoxCat
» Title: CPU Talk
» Description: From the cyberpunk RPG, "Nameless: the Hackers" Completely Free to use! Keywords: edm hip hop rap electronic mysterious mission hacking chase exciting spy ios ambient chilling love happy sad angry suspense
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» Description: I created this font for free use. Everyone can apply it in personal or business texts. Its free, but I want to be communicated in case of business use. Donations are accepted to keep the project of free fonts alive! Thank you all
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» Author: nathan
» Description:

A recorded sound of the Dimensional Fork Gate.