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This is nothing new but it is cool to me. I wrote this code using the good old Pythagorean Theorem to find out the distance of the two buttons and any given time. I also wrote some code to calculate the speed in which you move the buttons. By David Hicka

Reallistic modellization of balls hitting. User can change the gravity acceleration and every ball mass, radius, velocity and initial angle. By Alfonso Fernandez

You can throw a black blob/ball around and it bounces according to whatever you set gravity and the friction of the ground to.It was my first attempt at this kind of actionscript and I didn't annotate so it might be difficult to work out what's going on. I hope you like it anyway, feel free to use it (it might be usefull in a game or something?!?!). If you do anything cool with it I'd love to see it. Many thanks, Jimbo. By Jimbo

Scalar field simulation. The intensity of the field is adjustable by means of a gauge. Field's action is linear. Useful to demonstrate how these fields work (temperatures, etc.) By Ignacio Lirio

this small animation explains Rutherford's experiment og gold foil and alpha rays to explain structure of atom It uses Guide layer By Samiksha Argade

The Movie illustrates the Series Resonance of an L-C-R Circuit. I hope the Movie will be useful to Physics and Electrical Engineering students, who are studying Electrical Circuits. By Achyut Veluvali

This movie demonstrates one of the ways you can "cheat" with Flash physics.(I'm only 12 years old, so it's definitely got some errors with the bounce script. I'm only a begginer/intermediate ActionScripter.) By alex

This movie shows how to make a bouncing effect with only 4 lines of code and no math harder than addition! By Rob Woodworth

This uses addition to make a gravity effect which then creates an orbiting effect around the mouse By Rob Woodworth

A 4d rendering engine. Rotates 4d objects around three planes, based on XML data. A hypercube is shown as an example. Trippy! By Patrick Mineault

7 Missiles track down an airplane. Airplane is draggable. Mostly trig. Collision test for each missile and the airplane. By Matt Williamson

Pressure Drop Calculator is a small Engineering tool that performs pressure drop calculations for Newtonian fluid flow in round pipe (tube) systems. Related parameters such as Reynolds, fluid velocity, average residence time, etcetera are presented. By CARF ENGINEERING

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» Author: work2survive
» Title: Girl Walking 1kb
» Description: Walking girl, animation just takes 1kb, using high heels shoes, and fashion model attitude.
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» Author: BoxCat
» Title: CPU Talk
» Description: From the cyberpunk RPG, "Nameless: the Hackers" Completely Free to use! Keywords: edm hip hop rap electronic mysterious mission hacking chase exciting spy ios ambient chilling love happy sad angry suspense
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» Author: Fábio FAFERS
» Description: I created this font for free use. Everyone can apply it in personal or business texts. Its free, but I want to be communicated in case of business use. Donations are accepted to keep the project of free fonts alive! Thank you all
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» Author: nathan
» Description:

A recorded sound of the Dimensional Fork Gate.