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Rotation X-Y-Z es un ejemplo simple de como s puede rotar un objeto en las tres dimensiones sin necesidad de la tercera. Simple y muy practico. By Hurrycrack

simple calculation like addition, subtraction,division and multiplication can be done. By Pradyna

This movie draws for us with Action Script the Sine, Tangent and Cosine functions. By Fernando Osorio

This program uses duplicate movie clip to find out prime numbers.It is designed for children By Samiksha Argade

This .fla demonstrates how mathematical formulas can be used to find distances which can later be used in the creation of games. By Bali Khan

A pendulum action on load. By KOUI

Flips a coin using the Math.random, presents a random side. By RuZz@

This is an interactive piece based on the calculation of distance of an object from the cursor and manipulation using derived values. By Amit

This movie shows a simple way, how to create an actionscript based animation using trigonometric functions.With a little help from the math.sin method we're getting an animation following sinewave.Jan Koller | Graphic & Design By Jan Koller

Cool dancer lines.Just by using these actionscripts:createEmptyMovieClip, lineStyle, moveTo, lineTo, curveTo &... By Koosha Khajeh

This is a calculator I made to practice actionscript(string manipulation, variables, objects, smartclips, etc) and cuz I needed a calculator that were more than just a scientific one, so I integrated the more useful features of different calculators into this one.It has the most used scientific functions, a clear math syntax(ie. you can enter 4!sin(60cos(30(2))) without the * operator), good entry validation(ie. it wont allow to enter a point to a number with already one or an operator when you just have used one), base convertions(bin, oct, dec and hex included), units convertions(english to international system and others included) and an expandible constants list(pi,e,golden ratio,etc). When you have finished you can copy paste the result ;).Next time Ill add sums, numeric integration, improved validation and bug fixes. Your replies will be highly appriciated. Enjoy!! By Gustavo ALH

This movie generates a specified amount of numbers defined by the user between 0 and 9. It shows how many times a number came up after another number, and displays the total times any number came up. Finally it shows the sequence of the first thousand numbers that appeared. It makes more sense if you see it. By Matt Gold

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» Author: work2survive
» Title: Girl Walking 1kb
» Description: Walking girl, animation just takes 1kb, using high heels shoes, and fashion model attitude.
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» Author: BoxCat
» Title: CPU Talk
» Description: From the cyberpunk RPG, "Nameless: the Hackers" Completely Free to use! Keywords: edm hip hop rap electronic mysterious mission hacking chase exciting spy ios ambient chilling love happy sad angry suspense
Latest Font
» Author: Fábio FAFERS
» Description: I created this font for free use. Everyone can apply it in personal or business texts. Its free, but I want to be communicated in case of business use. Donations are accepted to keep the project of free fonts alive! Thank you all
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» Author: nathan
» Description:

A recorded sound of the Dimensional Fork Gate.