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This is a color ring and completely created by the Math formulas. By NOMAN YOUNIS

A Polynomial Function Interpolator. User clicks any number of desired points on a graph, and the data set is interpolated using a divided differences method to find a polynomial function curve that fits the given data. This technique is used in programs like Excel and other science lab experimentation software.this movie uses the Planar Tools for AS3 package:(http://mathdl.maa.org/mathDL/3/?pa=content&sa=viewDocument&nodeId=1569&pf=1) By Shawn Kilmer

Drag the points, A, B, and C.The values the sides ab, bc, ca,and angles A, B, C, of thetriangle are displayed in therespective text boxes. By Achyut Veluvali

A bonsai tree that randomly grows each time. By Augusto Flores

Enter the values of a, b, c, in the input text boxes.The roots of the quadratic equation,a*x*x+b*x+c=0are shown in the respective text boxes. By Achyut Veluvali

Select the values of ym, x0, y0, x1, and y1and click play button. The object moves fromx0, y0, to x1, y1, through ym in a parabolic trajectory, drawing a parabolic curve. By Achyut Veluvali

This calculator is one that uses FUNCTIONs, ARRAYs, FOR LOOPs, and IFs that mean that is clean, short and very reusable. By Joseph

This movie illustrates the behavior of trigonometric functions namely SINE( )COSINE( ), and TANGENT( ). By Achyut Veluvali

Visual graph plotter with line and parabola. this was designed as a study help for a maths course. the display is controlled by sliders and helps understand how the parameters influence the function graphs. it's all laid out very neatly and can easily be customised to your needs. addl. keywords: dynamic drawing, mathematics, teaching, study, slider control. By Brave Media

Here is a perfect little tool for any health & wellness project. This Body Mass Indicator uses a simple equation to determine body fatness. ::::DO NOT CHANGE the math:::: The provided equation, Weight*703/Height*Height is a medical standard for figuring out the BMI. By GelfmanDesign

This program is the second version of Graph Drawer which draws Sin, Cos, Tan, Cot, Arcsin, Arccos, Arctan and Arccot.It has almost some other capabilities more than the previous version. I will be great full to receive any comments from my email. By Amirsaman Farrokhpanah

This is a graph drawer which draws Sin, Cos, Tan and Cot. With this method you can draw every math functions by adding their formulas to the source. I’ll be happy to receive your comments or questions from my email. By AmirsamanFarrokhpanah

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» Author: Inocreato
» Title: RaiseTheBlocks
» Description: Raise all the blocks to win the game
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» Author: TomCat Carty
» Title: The Wood
» Description: Just a little game ending or it can maybe be looped. Recorders with music box and percussion to give the feel of well, I don't know, the woods? Free to use, just credit me. thank you
Latest Font
» Author: Fábio FAFERS
» Description: I created this font for free use. Everyone can apply it in personal or business texts. Its free, but I want to be communicated in case of business use. Donations are accepted to keep the project of free fonts alive! Thank you all
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» Author: Davisigner
» Description: Hmm... what to say about this one? It's reminiscent of the closing notes of the opening music from the Three Stooges done in a church organ style with a closing cymbal crash. I'll give this one away gratis, but feel free to check out my free loops and potential upcoming license-mandated ones over in the respective part of Flashkit.