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Drive this car with your keys, just like GTA. (Short and easy script) By Ralf de Rijcke

I have made this little movie to Show the Movie Clip properties in .swf environment. It helps evaluating Instantly the properties of Movie Clips. By Iqtidar Ali Azeemi

Dynamic Slider--------------Detects # of Objects on stage and dynamically sets scroll By Benjamin Long

Randomly import and play movies by choosing the range and the amount of numbers needed. By Albert C.

Demonstrates movie duplication and manipulation using actionscripting. Well commented for easy reference. Pls feel free to use the file and drop me an email if you find it useful. By Abdul Rahman aka JAB

A little one, controlling the movement of the cursor with AS. Sometimes very useful. By benvenuto

This is a small program which allows you to draw lines of varying thickness and color. Many features to learn from. By Gamaiel Zavala

Matrix effect done clean and easy with AS. Colour-adapted. By Karl Ward

Constrained mouse following: a clip follows the mouse position, but cannot leave an arbitrarily-shaped area. By Paul Trauth

This movie clip control script allows you to incrementally increase and decrease the _y postion of your movie clip. It can be changes to allow you to control _x postion, _alpha or what ever. By Reaxion Media

This is a scripted movement and alpha fade movie. Adapt it to your project or use it as it is. By

it's cool tracking menu x position code by tommy By Tommy Leo .c