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smart show and hide for your mouse pointer. with drag ! By vector

is about the clasical Windows tooltip but with a smart design with a hot button. when the mouse is on. By vector

you can rotate your logo or other figure with a simple animation who follow the mouse move, it rotates depending of the mouse coords. By vector

A simple slide and replace navigation using AS. By Arne E. Reodique

If the fun blower turns in high speed it'll be seen as if its very slow. This is just an illision. By Inan Olcer

Fan is controlled through set intervel and clear intervel (scripting) By Murali

Keyboard simulator By Andrew Belov

Control a slideshow with buttons and a slider. By Wim

Password Gate v2.0 is a user authentication flashMX movie which matches usernames and passwords entered against the ones stored in a text file and then redirects to the webpage of your choice specified in the same text file. You can add any number of user accounts by just adding a few variables in the text file. For example:
If you enter "testuser1" as username, "avaz1" as password, then you will be redirected to a site whose address is specified in "site1=" variable in text file... cheerz!
Enjoy the GUI!!! its pretty eccentric ;-)
Read the readme.html file in the package for more details on adding new users and more... By 123webwizard

Interesting interactiva ABC with change cursor and mouse detection.... By Nomi

Advanced Drop Down Menu By Nomi

A slider which controls the flash moive.And also rewind forward the movie. By Nomi