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Menu For team member with pictures and action script easy to modify. By Daniel Lauzon

This Menu is just simple....only basic actions such as movie controls are required. one can easily make these menus for any website.use it and send me feedback. By Irshad Ahmed

colorful ballon menu..check it out.. By tom

colorful ballon menu..check it out.. By tom


A Very Simple Menu to Modify. Reads the URL and the Button caption from a text file. Includes orginal graphic files in case you want to modify the color also includes sound files. By Harry Wheat

I used that one dudes loading bar to then get to the page. Menu for a car deal then he stop paying me. By OJBriggs

This FLA teaches you how to use Robert Penner's tween classes. You could also use it for your own website as it is pretty easy to customize.
What's new in version 2: - add or remove your own buttons
- buttons now close on second click
- select from each of the Penner's tween methods to see how they impact the menu
- choose a random or set time for the menu to open/close
- added a useless but cool background effect - included Robert Penner's classes for your convenience. By Elvin Dechesne

Vertical simple animation Menu. I have created this menu for one of my company. A simple flash menu just calling a simple movie clip animation on rollover of the button By Kapil Wadhwa

Space saving menu that flips the panel between catagories instead of the same ol elastic oe expanding menus - I could not find one like this , so I decided to make it. Thanks to everyone with your movies to teach me. this is my first attempt By Mike Conlin

Menu looking like the one on the macromedia site. My first submission so comments are welcome. By Stratocaster

SImple logo with sound and the ContextMenu class. "Right click your mouse to see the menu in question." By e-builds