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Just like the Daytona 500!!! By Marcus

Animated ant than follows the mouse cursor across the stage. The ant rotates and accelerates depending on the mouse position. By Nelson Diotto

A program where you can draw pictures on the screen. By Chris Merrell

This was the Intro of our Clan Page in the last years. Maybe someone will keep this movie or modify it for own use. By Juergen Jester

This game is about horse race in the race course. you cab make or lose money by betting on your favorite horse number. Enjoy. By Iresh

A beta of a game I'm making. It about ninjas By lkoiji

A maze-like game starts of simple but gets ALOT HARDER and ALOT FUNNER By Danny Dyck

This quiz is based on standard quiz template and given further functionalities: Different results are leading to different results pages. To be used to provide suitable information or routing the user onwards to appropriate frames, quite depending on the outcome of the test. To enter the quiz, the user has to enter a password [here: pw]. Asking for the user’s name, the quiz will give personalized feedbacks. By Cornelia Brodahl

This is about homer simpson...chose the right path to the doughnut he lost! By alex

Welcome to the new windows XP please feel free to try us out. By TxZam

Was going to be a tutorial but i didnt want do it, sorryjust a quick scene By the_punisher

use the space bar to set the carrots racing! ideal for gambling if you're not into horse racing. By martin mopple