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Hi! This is a simple text wrap fx engine. Effect was inspired from Flashtyper default page example on the right. It will word wrap the duplicated movie clip effects. By Puneet

Typography growing and fluttering in the wind (contains a nice wind generator) By Christian Hruschka

Modified version of Sebastian Jakubiak's "Imagination" text effect which allows you to specify the number of characters in a line and have it wrap the text. By Brett Brewer

Enjoy With this Effect!! By L.Abdul Wadood

This took me a while to do but I think that it looks really good check it out. Not hard to do just takes a while. By _masher_

this is very simple By kresimir zadravec

symmetric fly-in FX By Gabon

Simple "blury text" effect. By Justin

Here you have the second Matrix FX - just have a try. By Matthias Kannengiesser

A simple Text FX for your pleasure - just have a look. By Matthias Kannengiesser

Cool efects with text By Vladimir Markovic

A simple flying text effect By Nitin