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Here we have a nice firewall maybe for your games. By Matthias Kannengiesser

Fireworks over a city! By Pheonyx

cool and simple panoramic effect. It detects button mouse status even outside flash screen By sephiroth

Pixelator shows a fading pixel-effect over a bitmap image of your choice. The filesize of the SWF file isn't much larger than the plain image file. By tREXX

This is a Candle with light By Raja shekar D S

experiment of water movement imitation By neil

modification of snowflakes, 3 color of sakura flowers was used. looks pretty romantic! By jimdy

Here we have a little window that change it's size - just click on the X Button. And see what happen ! By Matthias Kannengiesser

Water Droplets fill the entrapped virtual space (viewing window) with water to the very top and then stops.... By Ryan Horvath

This is a video clip imported into premiere, added some adjustment effect. Exported as an animated gif - about 100 frames, and imported into flash as an image sequence. By treborax

A .jpg image of my cat licker that I transformed so that his "True" Bi-color eyes will look at (follow) your mouse cursor ! By Ryan Horvath

Wer kennt nicht die fantastischen AS-Effekte von "" ?Hier ist eine der Lösungen... By 2Inventive