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duplicaciĆ³n By Pablo Margaria

3D drag and drop, using simple actions, and 3D animations ::: Check it out!! By Daniel Hollis

I rendered two movies one with outlines and one without. My original intention was to use only one animation but there was some problem with masking with movie-clips to get the shadows right. By Johan Flood

This scene uses simple perspective to add a sense of depth. Perhaps this technique could be used for a 3d-like game? By Phil Pond

bouncin_box By Amit & Anand

gotas gotas By Pablo Margaria

sample of snow effect By Sergey Dubovik

Another duplicateMovieClip thingy. By bingoman

hmmm... By GoDsHaNd

A very simple mouse-over menu by Gigi Design, Enjoy! By Gigi design

Colourful Kaleidoscopic effect. Hope you like it. By aarjiflash

kleine spielerei!!ich bin Flash-newbie also erwartet nicht zuviel! :-) By zuaron