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This basic actionscript tutorial will help you to learn rotating an object in flash8. By raghu.k

Newsletter, a simple Newsletter uses PHP for your site. Very easy to modify and use. By Arash sami/ 8 Graphic Studio

Rotating circle By siles

basic clock By AYHAN

I made a Flash Advertizing my LA CHAT ROOM!! By Ross Way.

it's tha intro to a page i'm workin' on.... By Dum_Luck

Taz finaly gett back at Bugs Mob Style...Not animated yet just a drawing By DarkX

A little bus you can move left and right with keyboard arrows :-) By X-Girl

This flash photo album uses an xml file to display 400x300 photos along with captions, date info and/or title. Photos can be organized into separate sets.It should be pretty straightforward to use it with a database and and php/cf/asp type server -- just needs to spit out the xml. Check the readme file for important details.Zip has sample images, folders as well. By Susan Zakar

A simple clock with basic actionscript. By Ashalata

This is a very easy to use or modify dragable window just have a look at the scripting to see how easy it is By Luke Huxham

A colourful typing effect for beginners By Girish