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A charity fundraiser for the katrina victims. This is an interactive screensaver that you can use, download and pass on as is. However, don't use the music loop I wrote or the images in your own projects because they are protected by copyright. Apart from new work in my portfolio I would like to think it may make some small difference.all the best,Eric By Eric Needham

Telimagiewer is an online image viewer using php as the server scripting. The only thing you have to do is put all your images or photos under a directory or album and run the app. It has the explorer style navigation. It uses amfphp in communicating with php.In conclusion download it and see yourself. By Sevket Yilmaz

rss readeruse the urls.txt file to put your rss urls By philippe gaud

The Tzolkin Calculator (TC) converts standard (Gregorian) calendar time to Tzolkin (Mayan) calendar time glyphs. By Jalaka.com

An XML driven, alphabetized, cross-reference able glossary application. Searchable on multiple depths. All navigation elements have rollover cues. By Sam Gong

a flash5 movie to place office desk on a floor of a tour.the desks places are saved in a xml file. By philippe gaud

Latest version of the PhotoFade program. Easier to use and understand. Fades from one photo to the next - allows for any combination of background images, picture descriptions, and photo displays. Imports external SWF files. Great for web pages, business sites, art displays, or anything where you want to fade from one image to the next. Use freely and enjoy. By ValueAmerica

a kind of paint By bugra ozden

Content Slider - this Program slides the display area (mask) to the coordinates of a large table or matrix to present 100 different text and/or image options. A display field tracks the current image as it counts up to 100. Two Aqua style buttons sequentially control changes from one display to the next - either to move forward to the next display or in reverse to the previous display. The program cycles back to the beginning after viewing image 100. Each area can display text, variables, links, movieclips or images of any type. Perfect for presentations, story boards, photo albums, or any application where you need to present a large amount of data. The original content is 1/10 the display size, but SCALED UP for ease of viewing. Works with a mask over the content matrix. Instructions and tips embedded within the program. Easy to use and configure. By ValueAmerica

Photo Fade Picture Album - New and Improved with more examples and a brushed metal display panel! This is an album configured to incorporate fade-in and fade-out features between pictures. The programs tells you how many pictures are in the array, the number of the picture you're currently viewing, the title of the picture, and the date of the picture. At the bottom is a large display field where the picture description is shown. The program is based on a two-dimensional array (2-D array) where a group of objects (variable text boxes and external image files) are linked to appear in groups. The array is VERY EASY to expand and change. Aqua-style buttons at the bottom of the screen advance or reverse the current image to the next display. The best part of the program is that it pulls EXTERNAL files onto the stage of the picture viewer so it's easy to configure individual images without causing problems with any other part of the program. Designed as a photo album, but easy to configure for business presentations, tutorials, or anything where you want one screen to fade to the next. The actionscript is heavily noted with tips and instruction. Excellent program for web sites. By ValueAmerica

This is an avatar application in flash made for children.Users’ details are stored as xml in a database. These can be called to place the avatar into games, ecards and more.Games can be multiplayer and involve more than one avatar. There is no limit on the number of avatars this application can place in one host application.This system could be used as part of a community or chat application too. By cbeebies

This software will tell u that either systems are on same network or on differnet. By WAQAS AHMED KHAN

Featured Flash FLA
» Author: Inocreato
» Title: RaiseTheBlocks
» Description: Raise all the blocks to win the game
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» Author: TomCat Carty
» Title: The Wood
» Description: Just a little game ending or it can maybe be looped. Recorders with music box and percussion to give the feel of well, I don't know, the woods? Free to use, just credit me. thank you
Latest Font
» Author: Fábio FAFERS
» Description: I created this font for free use. Everyone can apply it in personal or business texts. Its free, but I want to be communicated in case of business use. Donations are accepted to keep the project of free fonts alive! Thank you all
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» Author: Davisigner
» Description: Hmm... what to say about this one? It's reminiscent of the closing notes of the opening music from the Three Stooges done in a church organ style with a closing cymbal crash. I'll give this one away gratis, but feel free to check out my free loops and potential upcoming license-mandated ones over in the respective part of Flashkit.