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Used shape tween! By ghhg67754

- Analog
- Digital By bugra ozden

This file is of a 3d spinning cube with blue outlines and this file loops By My Media House

a logo animated in flash for any one to use By iftikhar awan

Using the actionscript 3 flip class to make a 'two sided' flash file. By Tom Parsons

5 different colored 3d Cube MovieClip symbols with Text in it. These are vector shapes so can be resized, rotated etc without affecting quality. Can easily modify the text within the MovieClip symbol.I have used a simple Arial font but you can use your own fonts. These cubes can also be converted into Buttons or if you are well-versed with ActionScript can add additional interactivity to it.Both Flash 8 and Flash Mx 2004 versions available. By Shrikant Rawa

3D movie of rotating gears. By Thierry Mallet

Here is the 3D illusion of a room, created using shape tweens and some intense actionscript. It's not an API driven 3D engine. You can change the design for your web easily. By Team

This is 3D preloader that you can drop into your movie and will display a mouse controlled 3D cube. As the movie loads, an inner cube will grow until it reaches the outter cube dimensions at 100% loaded. Great for long loads! By Simple Andy

book By Surjit Dhami

This is a Movie the defines and demonstrates the rotation around axes in Z,Y,X. Technically this can also be termed as the Lathing Concept.This is a 3d Wireframe engine. The points in 2d are converted to 3d and the 2d points can be added positioned and removed at runtime. By Ashok Srinivasan Ramachandran

Nice flowing Flash banner. By rob