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This file includes a 3D rotating globe, useful in many ways. #000000jan koller | graphic-design & flash-animations By Jan Koller

A 360 degree turning animated 3d sofa. Great for flash intro or any other furniture related websites. By John Teh

Flying bird on a blue sky. Actually, I've seen such an animation and I tries to do one like that myself. It isn't exactly a gorgeous piece of work, but it took me 5 minutes and if you wanna use it, pls. feel free to do it. By teo-dora

Click the mouse, and you'll see many little hearts comin' from the mouse tip. By Edison Li

A 3d-Box by Bob. Click the circle! By Bob

original code from worm10i fooled around a bit and have a need result By kotmot

Cars, Furniture, Appliances, TV's, all as isometric 3D symbols. Some animated. All vector. One of my best flash files, now free for the world! Enjoy. By Justin

Shows how a clip snaps into target using drag and drop with swap depth function. By Chris Lam

this is a red car that has several camera positions panned out By Ashley Busby

This is a simple motion text affect with 3D logo design By Evil-_-Isamu Designs

easy 3d playstation By snorlax

First ever attempt using swift 3D for 3D webmaxx logo!!More 3D vector animations to follow soon! By Pete Wilson