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Look out this and send Ur comments By sanath Hettiarachchi

a robotic arm couldn figgure out what to do with it emailme if you find a useAmorphium and flash By Cymru

Periodic table element with a twist. By Flash King

this one is dedicated to my gfand uses a photoshop rendered backround so (eep) its kinda heavy By sunmillennium sundeep

A sudo 3d room you can walk around. Simple but effective! By The Dude

This is a 3D Gameboy, with Pokemons on Screen. By Simeoni By Christian Simeoni

metegol By Pablo Margaria

tateti By Pablo Margaria

3D rotating texture mapping cube made with Action Script By Sergey Dubovik

This was part of a loading script I did for It's a very small movie and is lots of fun to play with. By Jason Short

A short animation test of a 72 'Vette rendered with Poser 4 Pro Pack which now exports to swf's in vector. By G Michael Price

Moon Rotating By Victor Rojas