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A simple manipulatable sine wave by incorporating 3d graphics By BlueBoxSystems

this is a very simple 3d effect using invisible buttons. if you plan ahead, copy, paste and basic actionscripting will do the trick. i am not very good at actionscripting, if you know how to achieve the same effect using actionscripts, please let me know. thanks! By Justin Lin

3D floating disks interact with users mouse overs By BigAura

A simple and cool FKcard using 3D max, Swift 3D anf Flash!!! By Kryshnan

3D VR emulation effect using Swift 3D and Flash By Juan J Calcano

3D sphere with shadow and reflection effect By Adrian Tofan

This is my first attempt to make a 3D looking effect. There is no rendering involved, just 2D sprites. By Byron Weisfeld

hmmm... By GoDsHaNd

A funny animation by seems to be true 3D but it's juste an illusion By SKAAdesign-GoldoRaz

Hit the THE LETRA.ORG CUBE with mouse movements ::: ::: By Isidro Jiménez

RealTime Shadow. By Komarov Ruslan

mata y ponga By pablo