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very Qool Looking font.

Very qool font

Even though the letters are generally rounded, there is a boxy look about them. They're not quite square, so neither is the font's name.

Further Instructions.


Have mercy on me sir...

Adapted from a reproduction in an old type specimen book. It was called "Quasi-Japanese" there. Although it does have that brush thing going on, one short word is plenty to set at a time in this font. Includes caps only. I can't think what the numbers would even look like!

The taper was so minute, unless Alfred had had it brought to his attention he would never have noticed it. And the thing is, if he hadn't of had it brought to his attention he probably wouldn't have spent so much time lying awake at nights wondering why they needed such a small taper for no apparent reason.

Once again the ship pitched and rolled from the continued onslaught of the storm, leaving the old sea captain feeling decidedly queasy, which was probably not a good sign for his land-lubbing passageners.

He was on the run. He was an outlaw. His time had come to an end, unfortunately he wasn't ready to go yet. But when your expiry date comes up you have little choice, either be upgraded or become scrap metal. And so the Quaverly G98 would either become a Quaverly G99 or an expensive paper weight. He liked been a G98, so now he had to run, unfortunately in this age there was nowhere for an out of date droid to hide. So really it was only a matter of time.

Quinkie sat quietly staring out on the world around him. The water lapped gently at the rim of his bowl. He was quickly growing bored with the surrounds he surveyed. Fortunately the five seconds that his memory spanned was up, and everything was completely different, or though he did have this nagging idea in the back of his mind that he had seen it all before.

You know it's not in the quantity, but the quality that matters.